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SELinux Development

There are multiple components of SELinux that a developer may be interested in.

Mail lists and IRC

SELinux development is primarily done on the NSA SELinux mailing list (Unofficial searchable list archive)

Reference policy development is primarily done on the Tresys SELinux Reference Policy development mailing list (official archives)

SELinux developers can also be found on IRC at channel #selinux

Reference Policy

Users and vendors who are interested in developing SELinux policy should go to the Contributing to Reference Policy page at the Reference Policy project site.

Kernel developers

To develop patches for the kernel security subsystem, use git to clone the security-testing-2.6 tree

Information on Adding New Permissions to the kernel.

If you are looking for something to do the SELinux kernel issues has many ideas to get started on.

Userspace developers

To Contribute to the SELinux userspace see the contributing page on its project site.

XXX Add todo page XXX


To contribute to the documentation project on this site please browse the documentation and fill in parts that you are familiar with where there are gaps. Additionally you can look at the Documentation TODO for hints on where we need contributions.

Userspace object managers

If you are interested in developing userspace object managers for SELinux see

XXX likely will put a copy of in wiki format here, or something from sepostgres XXX

Related Projects

There are also several SELinux related projects that you can help on

Labeled NFS Adding MAC support to NFSv4.

XACE Adding Flask/TE support to

Embedded SELinux

sVirt Integrating SELinux and Linux-based virtualization.

Apache/SELinux plus extending SELinux labeling over the web.

SEPostgresQL Adding mandatory access control via SELinux to the PostgreSQL relational database.

RPM Project to integrate SELinux policy into RPM

SEAndroid Security Enhanced Android

Developer Resources

If you're a software developer and need to make your code work well with SELinux, the resources collected here should be of help.

SELinux Memory Protection Tests Information on SELinux and memory protection, and how to write safe & correct code in relation to memory execution.

SELinux By Example A comprehensive book detailing and explaining SELinux technology.

Tresys OSS Site Hosts several development related projects, including policy development and analysis tools.

SELinux Mailing List If you have a question, it's more than likely someone on this list can help.

Developer Summit 2009 Information on the 2009 SELinux Developer Summit in Portland.

Taiga Community development server.

Reference Policy Mailing List Discussion of Reference Policy development, including patch submission.

Robust sandbox Considerations and advices on how to make "sandboxing" software (running an untrusted program in such a way that it can't damage or steal user or system information),